A Guide For Washing Your Lace Front Wigs?

A Guide For Washing Your Lace Front Wigs?

In this modern era, most women use wigs to increase their appearance. Wigs are expensive. Wigs usually do not last long if not properly maintained. Suppose you want to keep your brown lace front wigs in a perfect shape for a long time, then you must learn how to wash it carefully.

The basic steps for washing a lace front wig are given below:

Step 1: Remove The Glue Or Tape.

First, you must gently remove the glue or any other adhesive you used to install your lace front wig.

Patiently scrape the adhesive or tape with your fingernails from the edge of the wig for peeling. You can soak the lace wig in the adhesive remover if you cannot remove it with your fingernail.

Step 2: Wash Your Lace Front Wig:

After removing the adhesive from the wig, soak your wig in the shampoo water. For this purpose, fill the sink or basin with cool water and add wig-friendly shampoo. You must ensure that you use a quality shampoo for your wig; otherwise, your hairpiece will be damaged.

A good shampoo will keep your wig soft and smooth. You must select a color-safe shampoo for a colored wig to prevent fading of the color. Submerge your wig in this shampoo water for at least 5 minutes. You must be gentle while washing your wig, as harsh rubbing or twisting can destroy your wig.

Step 3: Clean The Wig:

While soaking the wig in the shampoo water, you can use a brush to remove any hard stains from your wig. It would be best if you cleaned the stains by gently rubbing them with a small brush.

Step 4: Rinse The Wig Thoroughly:

After cleaning your wig with the shampoo, the next step is to rinse it with clean, cool water. The water will remove the shampoo from the wig.

You must rinse your wig thoroughly with water to remove any shampoo product from it. If the shampoo is not entirely removed from the wig, it will build up in your wig’s hair and damage its texture of it.

Step 5: Condition The Lace Front Wig:

After washing your wig with the shampoo and rinsing it with water, the next most important step is applying the conditioner. You must use a good quality conditioner for your wig to restore the original style pattern of the wig’s hair.

Conditioning can improve the lifetime of your wig. Synthetic wig conditioners are prepared with specially blended oils.

This oil can soften the dryness of your wig and give it a soft and shiny look. Soak your wig in the conditioner for 5-10 minutes.

Step6: Rinse Your Wig Again:

After treating the wig with the conditioner, the next step is its removal. You must use lukewarm warm water for rinsing the wig for cleaning the conditioner.

Step7: Dry Your Lace Wig:

After washing the wig, you must air-dry your wig. You can keep your wig flat in a towel for one day for drying.

You must avoid using the heat dryer as it can damage your wig. You can also hang it on the wing stand for drying. After drying your wig, store it carefully.


Washing your wig carefully can enhance its life span and save you from spending money to buy a new one. Follow these steps to restore the look of your used lace front wig.

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