The most attractive hoodies in 2022        

The most attractive hoodies in 2022        

Hoodies have won a large market today. This is because people are getting attracted to the great features that are coming with hoodies. Among the market movers are the silk lined hoodies and the satin lined hoodies. You may have come across these hoodies and maybe you did not have enough information about them and avoided them. In this article we will analyse these two great collections of silk and satin lined hoodies, compare their features and get to understand both.

What is the difference between silk and satin    

Many confuse silk and satin due to their close look. However, silk is an original fibre while satin is a weave. There is a chance that used silk can form satin because it is a combination of many fabrics such as nylon, polyesters among others. Silk is stronger and expensive unlike satin. It is not easy to extract silk from fibre hence, making silk more expensive that satin.

Features of a satin silk lined hoodie

Soft and smooth

The satin silk lined hoodies are very soft and smooth. They have a relaxing feeling on the skin thus making them attractive convenient. Unlike other materials such as cotton, satin silk lined hoodies are very smooth and soft.

Hair moisture retention                                                                                   

The satin silk lined hoodies are the best as far as hair care is concerned. You should not get frustrated with other fabric hoodies that dries off your hair moisture. This feature is mainly catalysed by the smooth and soft nature of satin silk fabric.


Are you preparing for a cold season or travelling to a cold place and want to look fashionable? Satin silk lined hoodie serves you best. They are able to retain heat and keep you warm.


Some satin silk lined hoodies can are multipurpose as far as weather is concerned. Far from used in cold seasons, they can be used as sweatshirts during hot seasons too.

Type variety

Satin silk lined hoodies are available in variety according to neck shapes and weaving. Do you like O neck shaped hoodies, V neck hoodies among other designs. As far as weaving is concerned, there are heavy hoodies, light and others designed for specific purposes such as waterproof satin silk lined hoodies are meant for the rainy season.

Unisex and gender based

Satin silk lined hoodies are available for unisex purposes. They can be used by any gender. However, there are some designed for specific  gender. According to your preference occasion you can choose what fits you best.

Size variety

Satin silk lined hoodies are available in different sizes. No matter your body size, there is a size for you; XL, XXL, Medium sizes and small sizes for all ages.

Reasons why satin is preferred to cotton lined hoodies

Cotton causes friction. When cotton comes into contact with the skin or hair, it causes friction. This causes discomfort and scratching of the skin and hair. Cotton causes hair breakages as a result of friction and hair dehydration.


Satin silk lined hoodies have customizable features for everyone according to their preferences.

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